Saturday, June 4, 2011

You will never see the word "unputdownable" here... after today.

I was just sitting here contemplating whether or not to start writing book reviews again, when James Patterson's fat face showed up on TV hawking his new book, Tick Tock. (You can see the commercial there, along with his jowls.) The ominous voiceover called it "unputdownable." A sign from God if ever there was one. 

It doesn't really matter if anyone ever stops by this page for one person's opinion about books; what matters is that there are people out there informing the uninformed that unputdownable is not a word, nor is it a creative, Dahl-esque non-word; that book commercials for crime thrillers are unnecessary & ridiculous; & that James Patterson isn't even writing those books, those non-books so like potato chips. Fluffy, greasy, insubstantial, completely lacking in nutritional value, but possible addictive if you let yourself buy a bag, & really bad for you if you keep stocking your pantry - or library - with them.

Someone, in the name of good books, needs to pick up the gauntlet that James Patterson has thrown down. 

So I'm going to hop on the blogging bandwagon (that I've really been a part of since 2000 with the inception of my first Livejournal) & get to talking about books again. I used to review books regularly for Armchair Interviews, but business there has slacked off & I just miss it. I know book blogs are a dime a dozen, but whatever. It's fun. I hope, if nothing else, to provide some recommendations for folks out there looking for a good read.

I just finished The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit, so it'll be up first.

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